'Bit.Trip Fate' To Keep Its Series' Beat Going October 25

Bit.Trip Fate

In the spirit of Gaijin Games' first four Bit.Trip titles, including "Bit.Trip Beat" and "Bit.Trip Runner," their latest large-pixeled creation "Bit.Trip Fate" will bring retro-styled graphics and chiptune-inspired music together when it comes out on October 25. Indie game lovers should also be interested to know that not only will CommanderVideo be returning; he'll also be accompanied by cameos from Super Meat Boy and Mr. Robotube, who will play unspecified roles in bringing the franchise into its penultimate installment.

"'Bit.Trip Fate' is like the 'Empire Strikes Back' of the Bit.Trip series," Gaijin Games CEO Alex Neuse said in an annoucement. "It's a much darker episode in our hero's life, and is full of depressing themes, dreary hidden messages, sad music, and an overall gloomy theme."

Super-sized boxy projectiles, power-ups and bizarre old-schoolish baddies show up in the trailer posted at BitTripGame.com. If the last few chapters have tickled your geek zone and satisfied you with their "Rez"-meets-Atari 2600 nuances, "Fate" looks like it should bring more of the same for an 800-Wii Points price tag.

It's bound to be ultra-difficult like its predecessors, but chances are that if you appreciate its art direction, you may have a sentimental attachment to punishingly hard games in general. If you do, watch your WiiWare store for its debut at the end of the month.

Have you tried out any other games in the Bit.Trip series? Are you ready to give another one a try when "Fate" becomes available? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.