The Doors Break On Through To Become The First DLC For 'Rock Band 3'

The Doors

The Doors were one of the first bands that came to mind for a lot of us as soon as keyboards were revealed to be a part of "Rockband 3." In fact, the Ray Manzarek fans among us wondered not only if the keyboardist's band would be included, but how many of their tracks would make the cut. The group appeared on the full track list for the new game, and today the "Rock Band 3" team announced that Jim Morrison and company would also get to be featured in the first batch of DLC after the game ships on October 26.

"At the outset of the 'Rock Band 3' project, we identified The Doors, and their powerful songs driven by intricately woven keyboard, guitar and drum parts, as ideal for our game," MTV Networks senior vice president of music, electronic games and programming Paul DeGooyer said in a statement. "As they are also one of the greatest rock bands of all time, we are tremendously proud that they will be the first artist featured in the 'Rock Band 3' download store, and that we're able to bring this special offer of their music to everyone who buys 'Rock Band 3' the week it releases."

A three-pack of songs will be available for free from October 26-November 1 via the in-game Music Store, and a big purchasable haul of tracks will appear, as well. It will include the following:

• "Hello, I Love You"

• "L.A. Woman"

• "Love Her Madly"

• "Love Me Two Times"

• "Peace Frog"

• "People Are Strange"

• "Roadhouse Blues"

• "Soul Kitchen"

• "The Crystal Ship"

Once November 2 rolls around, they'll each be available individually, so if you're picking up "RB3," figure out when you're going to do the deed so you know if you'll still be able to get those freebies. Drums, Pro Drums, five-button guitar and bass parts, in addition to harmonies and Keys/Pro Keys will all be included where appropriate.

What do you think of the Doors DLC track list for "RB3"? Is there anything else you'd want to add to it? Share your suggestions with us in the comment section below.