'Gran Turismo 5' Gets Delayed Yet Again

Gran Turismo 5

Remember way back at the beginning of the year when it looked like "Gran Turismo 5" might finally come out? It proceeded to show up on a list of 3-D-ready PlayStation 3 games and began unveiling its more than 200 cars and innovative browser racing features, but the November launch that was set just isn't going to happen.

"We can confirm that 'Gran Turismo 5' will not be available this November 2nd, but the game's release will be coming this holiday season," SCEA producer Taku Imasaki wrote on the official PlayStation blog.

If they still get the game in stores for the holidays, this most recent delay shouldn't extend more than a few weeks, but anyone who's been following the shifting "GT5" release plans for the last couple of years isn't going to put a whole lot of stock in that claim. SCEA seems to realize that, though, and they have apologized.

"We sincerely apologize to GT fans for the delay, however, creator Kazunori Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital want to make certain they are creating the perfect racing experience, and we are confident that this ambitious game will exceed expectations when it launches," Imasaki explained.

And now the race is on to see if one of the biggest racing franchises in gaming can keep its fans cheering and cross the finish line by the end of 2010.

Does the latest delay for "GT5" dissappoint you? Do you think it will swap release windows again before 2011 gets here? Share your responses with us in the comment section below.