Finally A 'Fable 3' Trailer To Rock Out To

Although Lionhead Studios always tries to make games that can be played by anyone, the "Fable" games are a bit of a tough sell. They hit all the fantasy tropes like magic, goblins and arrows...not exactly things that would be considered "cool" to a non-gamer. The trailers haven't been very inclusive, either, looking more like "Lord of the Rings" spin-offs, complete with eerie British voice overs.

But it seems that someone in the marketing department woke up and realized, Hey, people want to buy a game that looks sort of bad ass, so let's try to do that with "Fable 3." The end result can be seen above.

The trailer features the song "Young Men Dead" by The Black Angels. It calls to mind that early "Assassin's Creed" trailer with "Lonely Souls" or that "Gears of War" trailer with "Mad World." Apparently picking a seemingly disparate musical track for your trailer equals success! I can't wait until the next "Sims" trailer features Public Enemy...rapping in Simlish, of course.

The difference between the above trailer and the two I mention, though, is that the "Fable 3" trailer isn't actual gameplay. They've opted for pre-rendered, in this case, which allows them to be way more cinematic, something that the gameplay in "Fable 3" is usually lacking. I'm usually not a fan of purely pre-rendered trailers but I don't know in this case it really works. They've done a great job of showing the core concepts of the game in a relatively brief span of time. And, as an added benefit, the real game doesn't look much worse, so you don't have to deal with that visual shock that "Final Fantasy VII" fans likely remember quite clearly.