Nintendo Piles Up 7,000 Bananas For 'Donkey Kong Country Returns'

Nintendo's Bananas

Recently, to showcase "Kirby's Epic Yarn," Nintendo had i-am-8-bit turn an entire room into a cloth-covered, real-life version of the game. Last night they somehow managed to top themselves, bringing the jungle, complete with 7,000 bananas to showoff "Donkey Kong Country Returns."

Nintendo took one of those posh NYC lounges and turned it into a room where Donkey Kong would feel perfectly at home. Alongside the obligatory demo stations were piles and piles of fresh bananas, vines hanging from the ceiling dangling over comfy couches, and, well... more bananas (7,000 is a lot more bananas than you think).

Nintendo's Bananas

Occasionally at events like these, the PR teams pack up little swag bags, maybe with a shirt, or some stickers or something else related to the game, but in all my years of covering games, this is the only event I've been to where I've been asked to take home fresh fruit.

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