Deepak Chopra To Teach Through Game Consoles

Deepak Chopra

Wherever THQ and Guillermo del Toro are at in whatever projects they may or may not be discussing, the company has moved ahead with another big name and revealed a big multi-year agreement with Curious Pictures to adapt celebrity guru, thinker and author Deepak Chopra's teachings into new formats available via the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

"We look forward to translating Dr. Chopra’s teachings and practices into a video game that provides gamers with a truly unique and rewarding experience," THQ Kids, Family, Casual Games, and Global Online Services executive VP Martin Good said in a press release. "THQ continues to expand its casual games portfolio and has grand plans to invigorate the lifestyle category with this game."

Chopra's work as already appeared in comic books and in bite size quotes on numerous Hollywood Twitter accounts. The announcement from Curious didn't fully explain how THQ plans on introducing Chopra to game systems, be it through video content, quiz games or a first-person shooter. They did say they hope to appeal to a big audience though.

"We are excited to take the Deepak Chopra properties to innovative platforms that appeal to a mass market audience," Curious Pictures executive producer Lewis Kofskyexplained. "We are confident THQ will introduce and bring his work to life in ways that will engage his followers and gamers alike in a whole new way."

Would you be interested in inviting Deepak Chopra onto your PS3? How would like to interact with him on your console? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.

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