EA's Windows Phone 7 Launches Stick To Established Properties

EA Windows Phone 7 Games

Microsoft spotlighted "The Sims 3" when it showed off its new Windows Phone 7 handsets yesterday, and EA has gone a step further, releasing their own list running down the publisher's slate of launch titles for the platform. "Need for Speed Undercover," "Tetris" and "Monopoly" join their long-running Simlish-language series in a posse of games that sticks to names EA has succeeded with before as they test out the new space.

"Our collaboration with Microsoft brings EA's world-class catalog of global game franchises to Windows Phone 7, offering a unique set of gaming features perfectly suited to the deep, innovative experiences we value at EA," EA Mobile vice president of Worldwide Studios Travis Boatman said in a press release. "We see consumers deeply integrating devices into their lives and entertainment in new ways every day. Challenging your Xbox LIVE friends to an EA game from the phone in your pocket keeps you connected and having fun no matter where you are."

And Microsoft approves of that strategy, emphasizing their fresh operating system while hyping their track record with EA.

"Together EA and Microsoft have created some of the definitive console games of this generation, and we're excited to bring that powerful alliance to Windows Phone 7," Microsoft's Xbox Live mobile Ron Pessner explained. "This is a new and major games platform for Microsoft, and we look forward to the amazing games EA will deliver over the coming years."

Re-purposing existing game concepts has worked for EA thus far on the iPhone, however, so their roster shouldn't come as much of a surprise. In fact, now they have their iPhone library to harvest from, so the process should be even easier. Come November we'll get to see how the various ports perform side-by-side, which should be enlightening.

Do you think Windows Phone 7 will prove to be a better gaming platform than the iPhone? Which of EA's games are you most interested in checking out? Share your reactions with us in the comment section below.

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