Redbox Enters The Game Rental Business


While "Medal of Honor" won't be available from retailers on military bases, you may be able to rent a copy outside your local supermarket or 7-Eleven if you can't already. The company will reportedly be expanding their games business into thousands of their 24,000 or so machines that it services across the U.S. And the assortment of games they're providing doesn't look half bad!

A $2/day price point will stick as the program grows, according to a report on Xbox 360 Digest. Redbox's website has a page for games where you can search for nearby kiosks by zip code and browse their DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii offerings, though don't get your hopes up for finding a mother lode of PS2 titles; right now, "MLB 2K10" is the only occupant in that category.

For casual, infrequent renters, this could be a fine service. Redbox's major weakness against Netflix is the astronomically better value customers will get if they watch movies with much frequency. By similar contrast, GameFly will let you rent one game at a time by mail for $15.95/month, which math geniuses will understand is equivalent to about eight days of game renting from this Redbox program.

If you only play on weekends, though, and want the immediate option of being able to walk down the street, pull a 15-hour marathon on a game without buying it and return it the day after for only two bucks, Redbox doesn't sound like a bad deal.

Do you have Redbox game rentals available in your area? Do you think the service would fit your lifestyle? Share your responses with us in the comment section below.

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