Zombear Stats Revealed For 'Red Dead Redemption' Undead Nightmare DLC


Zombie bears for "Red Dead Redemption" first reared their heads in the Undead Nightmare DLC trailer in September, and Rockstar Games has gone a step further in preparing frontier hunters for what they can expect. Thanks to a new desktop wallpaper image and the info already available on the "RDR" Wildlike and Hunting page, we can now see exactly how the transition to becoming a zombear really impacts one of nature's killing machines.

While the average "RDR" grizzly bear is listed at between 6 feet 5 inches and 8 feet tall, the zombear appears to stand up a bit straighter at between 7 feet 5 inches and 8 feet 5 inches on its hind legs. And while they both have long claws, the uninfected grizzly enjoys hanging out around bodies of water to feed on salmon, unlike the zombear who "feeds on the blood of the living." Additionally, the zombear is "virtually unstoppable," so pack some heat if you plan on taking him on.

Thus far, Undead Nightmare is shaping up to be one of the more intriguing DLC packs of the year, and it's my sincerest hope that if it sells well Rockstar will contemplate following it up with a lycanthropy-oriented campaign. If they can make zombears, they can definitely make werebears, werecougars and werehorses, and if it comes down to the zombies and werewolves having to rip each other apart with the fate of the frontier at stake and cowboys caught in the middle, then so be it, that is a world I would like to have available on my Xbox 360.

Would you to see more zombie DLC on the market, or do you think there's too much out there already? Is the zombear a game-changer for you? Share your reactions with us in the comment section below.