'Duke Nukem Forever' Demo To Be Available To Everyone

Duke Nukem Forever

News that a "Duke Nukem Forever" demo would be available to "Borderlands" GOTY Edition buyers could have been incredible or depressing, depending on your level of interest in buying (or re-buying) "Borderlands" content. If you already have enough "Borderlands" in your home but really want an early crack at playing "DNF," Gearbox has been thinking of you and clarified that the demo will be accessible to all members of the gaming community.

"The demo is going to go out to everybody, yeah," Gearbox Software vice president of marketing Steve Gibson told Digital Spy. "When we put 'Borderlands' out this wasn't even possible to do or contemplate. So that's kind of difficult, but yeah, the demo is coming out for everybody."

The studio does want gamers to associate the two games and see them as Gearbox products, though.

"The feeling is that we want people to feel that it's real," Gibson explained. "We want people to know that 'holy crap, they're actually making plans.' It's kind of like, 'Borderlands': Game Of The Year is great and by the way, these guys are also working on this, and it is real, and we're trying to get that association, that proof."

He also elaborated on what the "DNF" demo certificate will be like that "Borderlands" GOTY Edition will include.

"These guys are making concrete plans, they're are putting stuff in a box already with Duke's face on it," he said. "It's actually like a certificate, and you'll see that it's like 'In Duke We Trust'. It's fun. We're thrilled to death."

So if you crave certification for your Duke demoing, keep the GOTY box in mind. If you are content to not have proof nailed to the wall above your desk, however, just know that there is a less expensive option designed just for you.

Are you pumped for the "DNF" demo? What about the full game? Share your expectations with us in the comment section below.