Tenacious D To Perform New Songs Live At BlizzCon

Tenacious D BlizzCon

While BlizzCon 2010 may not have a playable demo of "StarCraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm" ready for the sold-out event's attendees at the end of the month, it will host "Brutal Legend" star Jack Black as a part of his band Tenacious D. He and his partner Kyle Gass will perform live at the show's closing ceremony on October 23, which should make those ultra-rare tickets even more desirable than they already are.

"The best way to wrap up two days of epic entertainment is with an epic rock concert — and few bands fit the bill like Tenacious D," Blizzard Entertainment CEO and co-founder Mike Morhaime said in a statement. "We're looking forward to a great show and can't wait to see what Jack and Kyle have in store for everyone attending BlizzCon and watching from home."

BlizzCon Virtual Tickets can be purchased for those who want to view the event remotely, and there's an incentive for even the most well-traveled of the band's fans to get in on that, since Blizzard's announcement claims they'll be playing a few songs for the first time in public.

The $39.95 v-tickets provide access to 50+ hours of programming via the folks at DirectTV, which is ample. They're also cheaper than air fare to Anaheim and the $150-$250 tickets being scalped on eBay right now.

Are making the trip out to BlizzCon this year? How much would you pay for the chance to see Tenacious D in concert? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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