'Duke Nukem Forever' Cost 3D Realms' Boss Tens Of Millions Of Dollars

Duke Nukem Forever

3D Realms' plans to release "Duke Nukem Forever" on their own didn't quite pan out, but Gearbox stepped up and now there's even a playable demo on its way. While they may have saved the game, however, they may never able to make up for the years of lost investment costs that former 3D Realms head George Broussard sank into the decade-long development odyssey.

"George Broussard is not a poor man but I would estimate that he lost 20 to 30 million dollars of his own money on 'Duke Nukem Forever' — I don't care who you are, that's a hell of a lot of money," Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford said at a press event, according to a story on CVG. "He was committed to Duke to the point of insanity... and now Duke was dead."

Pitchford discussed the situation with Broussard when 3D Realms reached the end of its journey in 2009.

"I spoke to George Broussard and he said, 'Randy, this is the worst day of my life' but you could hear in his voice there was more," Pitchford explained. "This was 12 years of his life... try and imagine what you've achieved in 12 years, Gearbox has made 15 games in that time."

Broussard's desire to take a financial hit rather than release bad game will be tested next year when "DNF" finally arrives in stores. He'll probably be as interested in how well it's received as anyone.

Do you think the years and dollars poured into "DNF" will all be worth it in the end? Are you surprised to see how much the game cost 3D Realms? Share your responses with us in the comment section below.