'Bad Company 2' Gears Up For The iPhone

Bad Company 2 iPhone

Since EA launched "Battlefield: Bad Company 2" on consoles and PC, they've bolstered the the experience with a new mode and free map promises. They want the game to spill off of your stationary devices and go mobile with your iPhones and iPod touches as well, though, and an App Store game will see that vision through.

Single-player and multiplayer modes will both be selectable in the game, according to a post on touchArcade. If you choose to go it alone, your campaign will consist of 14 missions set in five different landscapes including jungle, snow, and desert. Vehicular combat will also be at your disposal, with tank and choppers awaiting your command.

The "Dead Rising" and "Call of Duty" franchises have already set sail for Apple's devices. EA hasn't announced any plans to bring zombies along for the ride when "Bad Company 2" comes out in November, but they are the odd one out in that group.

My personal recommendation is that they go against the grain and surprise everyone with vampires, werewolves or even a less popular horror movie creature like mummies or mole men when this title launches. Whatever they do, I'm sure it'll sell a chunk of downloads. Here's hoping it's got a good set of FPS controls, because it's a hard genre to get right on a touch screen.

Could you use a copy of "Bad Company 2" on your iPhone? Do you think it will make a good mobile game? Share your first impressions with us in the comment section below.