'Dead Rising 2' DLC Costumes Sure Look Familiar

Dead Rising 2

Capcom revealed today that four DLC costume packs are on the way for "Dead Rising 2." In addition to providing a new look for Chuck as he battles thousands of undead gamblers, each of the costumes comes with different abilities. The costumes include a Ninja outfit, a Sports Fan outfit, a Psychopath outfit and a Soldier outfit. If that sounds familiar to you, you probably noticed that those outfits were previously available as pre-order bonuses at different video game retailers. But no more!

The first DLC costume, the Psychopath, is out on October 12 for a TBA price tag, with the remaining three costumes coming on a weekly basis after that.

Given the impressive amount of support Capcom has given to pre-release and post-release content for "Dead Rising 2," with "Case Zero" and "Case West," seeing them simply re-release pre-order outfits is a bit disappointing. For a game that's so focused on its combo weapons, it would've been nice to see them add a few more combinations before "Case West" releases, but I guess that could still be in the cards?

While they're at it, if they are going to do downloadable costumes, a few more Capcom-centric costumes would be super. "Dead Rising 2" really only features Arthur's armor and heart-patterned underwear, and the classic Mega Man getup from the original "Dead Rising" is nowhere to be found. Let's fill out that closet with a few familiar get-ups! Ryu's white gi, a S.T.A.R.S. bulletproof vest, or Phoenix Wright's blue suit and awesome hair would be excellent additions. C'mon Capcom, step it up!