Steven Spielberg Wants 'Halo' Movie Adapted From The Novels

Halo movie

Steven Spielberg's had his hands on the PlayStation Move and a possible new EA game recently, but you may not have realized that he's also been involved with the "Halo" film project that's attempting to rise from the ashes of Neill Blomkamp's unmade adaptation. DreamWorks reportedly wants to get the movie made, and they intend to use the novels as their source material.

After Fox and Universal put millions of dollars into a dead-end adventure using Blomkamp and Peter Jackson, the studio feels that the novels will be the best way to stay true to Microsoft's wishes and avoid any direct connections to the existing un-produced work, according to sources speaking to Vulture.

The logic seems sound, considering the amounts of legal tension and lost investment dollars that have plagued the Halo movie for much of the last decade. Obviously, no one at DreamWorks is going to want to set off another round of lawsuits.

Will the novels prove worthy enough to inspire a successful screenplay though? The Vulture report already referred to the books as "the literary equivalent of Purina PuppyChow," so I'll let you decide whether or not you agree with that assessment. If a good writer sits down and uses the right core elements from the Halo-verse and manages to flip them around into a sound final script, I think it could be done.

Which material from the Halo novels would you like to see used for a film? Do you think Spielberg will have more success than his predecessors? Share your proposals with us in the comment section below.