'Dead Rising Mobile' To Touch iPhones

Dead Rising Mobile

Frank West will return in "Dead Rising 2: Case West", but he'll also be getting a whole new original game for the iPhone and iPod touch which looks like it's going to be called "Dead Rising Mobile." Utilizing a control system that's been customized for the small touchscreen format, the title will reportedly include some innovative online multiplayer options.

"Dead Rising Mobile" will have a new story and new events in a familiar mall setting, according to a report on IGN. West will hack and bash his way through a zombie horde using some simplified icon commands, but the big experiment this game tries out will involve its use of Twitter and Facebook integration.

If you die while playing, you'll be able to send out a rescue request to your social network friends, and they'll be able to either come to your rescue or let your corpse turn into a zombie.

Capcom fans should also note that this game was mentioned by Famitsu (as translated and reported by Siliconera) as part of an iPhone strategy that also includes a "Capcom Arcade" app that will bring together some classic titles like "Street Fighter 2" and "Ghouls and Ghosts."

Capcom wants the "DR Mobile" out for the holidays, so if you plan on letting it infect your iPhone and social accounts this winter.

Are you interested in putting Frank West on your iPhone? What do you think of Capcom's Twitter and Facebook features for the game? Share your responses with us in the comment section below.