'Super Street Fighter 4' Arcade Content Takes First Step Toward Consoles

Super Street Fighter 4

In the wake of the recently revealed costume downloads for "Super Street Fighter 4" and addition of Yun and Yang to the game's arcade release, Capcom left the question to simmer about whether or not the new fighters would be showing up on consoles. Luckily, "SSF4" producer Yoshinori Ono has implied that he's on the case and wants to make such a thing happen.

In the interest of preserving the tweet's enthusiasm and Ono's creative using of Internet communication here's what he said yesterday:

Just now, I had written proposal about DLC for SSFIV ae's PSN,XLB at last. I'll go to Sanfrancisco on tomorrow !! CAPCOM USA exist in SF. ;D

Will Capcom accept Ono's proposal? Well, that's the big question now. "Street Fighter 4" has received some new challenger updates for the iPhone, though it never expanded its rosters on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Offering Yun and Yang to players for "SSF4" would be a nice gesture on Capcom's part, since new fighter downloads is what a lot of us were hoping for the first time around.

If they do come to homes, we could see some balance alterations, too, including changes to Hakan and Zangief to make them play a little nicer with their fellow fighters. Or, maybe there's something else from the arcade machine that Ono believes is worth transplanting to consoles. He's going to disappoint a few "SSF4" owners if that's the case though.

Do you want to see Yun and Yang released as DLC for the console editions of "SSF4"? Are you optimistic that it's going to happen? Share your reactions with us in the comment section below.