'Myst' Movie Pushing Ahead With 'Donnie Darko' And 'Dawn Treader' Producers

Myst movie

If you never thought that "Myst" contained enough material to build a feature-length film from, you obviously never read "The Book of Atrus," "The Book of Ti'ana" or "The Book of D'ni." Those companion novels will fill in some gaps as the film adaptation's production team moves ahead with their fantasy/puzzle/adventure game-derived project. Producers Hunt Lowry of "Donnie Darko" and Mark Johnson from the recent "The Chronicles of Narnia" films have agreed to partner with the "Myst" film rights owners at the Mysteria Film Group to get the movie on its feet.

"Our aim with this project is to stretch the genres it operated within, much like the source material did," Mysteria Film Group partner Adrian Vanderbosch explained, according to a Deadline report. "It is such an innovative property and by utilizing the novels as our primary resource, we have the opportunity to offer audiences the essence of 'Myst' without being limited only to the famous island of the first game. Our focus has always been on creating an entirely new visual experience driven by engaging characters and an epic narrative."

So where will the team go with their epic creation? Well, they have the game's main character who arrives on the title island for starters. Beyond that, there's a history and civilization connected to the island that they intend to bring to life.

Who they get to direct and whether the final product ends up resembling "Avatar," "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" or something else entirely will both be crucial choices.

Are you psyched to see a "Myst" movie adaptation in development? Who would you like to see direct? Share your proposals with us in the comment section below.