The Five Must-Have Items Of ‘Dead Rising 2’

Yesterday I discussed how to make easy money in “Dead Rising 2.” Today I’m here to let you know of five items which will help you immensely as you attempt to wrangle Fortune City back from hordes of undead. Considering there are hundreds of equippable items to be found in “Dead Rising 2,” it was pretty tough to narrow it down, but it’s safe to say that having one or all of these items will make your life a heck of a lot longer.

The Driller

Why Does It Rule?
The Driller is a combo weapon made up of a spear and a power drill. Portable, fast and durable, the Driller is the ideal boss-killing melee weapon as it has an extremely sort animation, letting you stab and run. It’s also a guaranteed one-hit kill to any zombie, which is good for taking out individuals in your path.

Where Can I Find it?
As for the ingredients, they’re extremely easy to come by. You can find the spear right outside the safe house in the nearby cigar store in Royal Flush Plaza, whereas a power drill can be found in the room across the hall from the safe house maintenance room. It’s a good idea to have at least one Driller with you at all times.

Heath Book 2

Why Does It Rule?
Just by having this item in your inventory, you’ll increase any healing item’s effectiveness by 100%. Basically it means that a single canister of orange juice or a coffee creamer can fill up all of your health in one go.

Where Can I Find It?
In the Yucatan Casino there’s a German sausage restaurant called Baron Von Brathaus. In the restaurant is a bar and on the end of the bar, right near the rear kitchen door, is the magazine. Equip it and never let it leave your sight.

The Hidden LMG

Why Does It Rule?
The LMG is basically an M60 machine gun. It’s got 200 rounds and while it’s not super accurate, it’s great for plugging away at a boss at range.

Where Can I Find It?
In the center of the Yucatan Casino, there’s a massive temple made up of stone and slot machines (not to be confused with the tiger’s cage). The sides of the temple have steps you can jump and climb up on. Keep climbing and you’ll get to a small platform with the LMG and, as an added bonus, a free syringe of Zombrex.

The Boomstick

Why Does It Rule?
If you played through “Dead Rising 2: Case Zero,” you should already have the combo card for the Boomstick. Having the combo card unlocks the alternate attack for the weapon, which is what makes it so handy. Using the alternate attack on a single zombie (stabbing them in the chest with the pitchfork, lifting them up in the air and firing three times) grants you 2,500 experience points, which is way more than any other combo weapon will give you. Each Boomstick you make can perform 10 alternate attacks before running out of ammo, which means each one has 25,000 experience points hidden within its dangerous exterior. If you’re just starting out, this is a great way to get past the first 10 or 15 levels with ease.

Where Can I Find It?
In the Yucatan Casino (where all the awesome stuff is kept, apparently), you can find a zombie carrying a shotgun standing on top of the slot machine temple in the center of the casino. The pitchfork can be found in the tiger’s cage by climbing up the stone stage in the back. Conveniently the tiger’s cage is right next to the maintenance room, so combining the two is a piece of cake. Rinse and repeat until the experience rewards are no longer worth the effort.

The Mega Shortcut

Why Does It Rule?
Ok, this isn’t quite an item, but it’s super handy to know about and will save you tons of travel time. The shortcut will instantly transport you from a bathroom in Royal Flush Plaza to a clothing store in Palisades Mall, making survivor transport much, much easier.

Where Can I Find It?
Unfortunately you can’t just know where the shortcut is, you have to unlock it. One of the random survivor missions you’ll receive is called “Withered Beauty” and by completing the mission, you’ll unlock the shortcut for the rest of the game. Just make sure you don’t skip it!

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