How To Make Easy Money Gambling In 'Dead Rising 2'

Dead Rising 2

If you're playing through "Dead Rising 2" as you're supposed to, saving survivors, completing cases, and building weapons, you're not going to stumble upon a ton of cash. Sure, you can bash open slot machines, but that's only going to net you a few hundred bucks. And, with some of the pricier objects in the game costing millions of dollars, you're going to need to make money fast. Thankfully there's a relatively easy way to make a few hundred grand every 10 minutes. Here's how!

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Step 1: Play One Game of "Terror Is Reality"

You're going to need a little cash to get you started on your way to millions, and playing "Terror Is Reality" is an easy way to get around $30K.

Step 2: Find Your Gambling Magazines

There are three gambling magazines that you're going to need before you start making cash. The first is in the Royal Flush Plaza book store. The second is in the Palisades Mall bookstore. The third is in the back of the Shamrock Casino on the Silver Strip. You can grab all three right at the beginning of the game. And feel free to ignore the quest about finding Katy medicine. It's cool if she dies, as you'll be restarting once you earn enough dough.

Step 3: Hit The Giant Slots!

In the Slot Ranch Casino, there's a giant slot machine right near the exit which heads towards the food court. It's pretty tough to miss, as it's enormous and built right into the door. Make sure you clear out all of zombies surrounding the slot machine (there shouldn't be very many so early in the game) and start gambling. Make sure you use the Max Bet button, which costs $1,000 per spin.

So long as you have all three gambling magazines, your odds of winning increase dramatically. So long as you have around $30K to start off with, you'll definitely hit the $100K jackpot once every dozen or so turns, and every once in a while you'll nail the $250K prize.

Step 4: Buy The SUV

The SUV (found in the Shamrock Casino) can be purchased in the Silver Strip pawn shop for a few million bucks. Don't worry, even if you restart the game, you'll still keep all your cash and any car keys that you buy. Once you have the SUV, you'll be able to cruise around the strip and score a ton of experience from zombie kills, helping you get past some of the lower levels with ease.

Step 5: Restart The Game

Feel free to rinse and repeat the above steps whenever you're low on dough. The easiest time to gamble is right at the beginning of the game, but you may have some difficulty getting the magazines when you're a low level. It's not a bad idea to do a few missions first before you hop into the process.