'Super Meat Boy' To Have Free Level Packs Via 'Teh Internets'

Super Meat Boy

"Super Meat Boy" is an insanely challenging, artful, throwback of a platformer which is headlining Microsoft's Games Feast in October. While the game is also coming out for Wii and PC, the developers have stated that the Xbox 360 version will have an exclusive chapter known only as "Teh Internets." What are Teh Internets? They're an awesome loophole.

Basically Teh Internets is a way for Team Meat to push brand new (and completely free) levels out to Xbox 360 users whenever they want. Usually, adding new content to a game on Xbox Live requires a lengthy and expensive approval process for every single piece of content. Teh Internets is a way around this. No certification will be required for this additional content because it's built using a standardized level creation tool.

Edmund McMillen, the co-creator of "Super Meat Boy," was kind enough to enlighten me on what sort of content we can expect:

"We will be updating with free content over time that not only allows for new Meat Boy chapters but also character specific chapters like playing the Sewers of Dross with Gish, a chapter that can only be beaten by Gish's wall and ceiling abilities."

McMillen continued, saying that they "plan on putting out about 6 new chapters by the time the PC version level editor [releases]." Once that happens, it's up to the users to start creating new chapters. "We will be holding monthly contests and uploading user-made levels alongside our own."

As for why a game developer would offer up a nearly endless supply of free content? Said McMillen: "It's our gift to the world."

"Super Meat Boy" is launching on Xbox Live Arcade on October 20 for 1200 MS Points. Wii and PC versions will arrive sometime after that.