Steve Wiebe Takes Back 'Donkey Kong' World Title

Steve Wiebe Donkey Kong record

As anyone who's seen "The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters" knows, Steve Wiebe has been trying for years to beat Billy Mitchell and officially retake the all-time high score spot for "Donkey Kong." This week, he finally made good, and Twin Galaxies has verified Wiebe's new score of 1,064,500 and probably made him as happy as he's been since Mitchell took the title away from him in 2007.

"Much like previous times when I've broken a video game record, it seemed surreal that all the time and effort I put into the game had finally paid off," Wiebe explained in post on Twin Galaxies' website. "I started playing in the morning and didn't have much luck, so I took a break and ran some errands with my kids. I came back a few hours later and had to restart about five times before I hit the record game."

The record dethrones Mitchell's current best of 1,062,800 and will no doubt renew their much-publicized rivalry for another round.

"I think many people had written me off since I had come up short at so many live record attempts, and I understand that," Wiebe explained. "But, I always believed that I could still do it and so did a lot of people who supported me. Looking back, I would say that if the record came too easy, then it wouldn't mean so much right now, so I'm glad I went through the struggles I did."

Wiebe can now shed the underdog status he's publicly held since "King of Kong" came out three years ago, and everyone who rooted for him in the documentary can savor the victory with him, now that he's the best in the world and the record books once again.

Have you been waiting to see Wiebe take back the top score in Twin Galaxies' "Donkey Kong" rankings? What did you think of his story in "King of Kong"? Share your responses with us in the comment section below.

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