'Fallout: New Vegas' Companions List, Featuring A Cyborg Dog

Fallout New Vegas

We've already heard that "Fallout: New Vegas" will feature an expanded level of control over an AI companion, complete with handy radial menu, but so far we've really only seen one companion in-game, the beret-wearing soldier, Boone. Bethesda went ahead and ripped the tarp off the remaining companions in a nifty feature on PlayStation's official blog.

A few interesting factoids about the companions in "New Vegas." For one thing, you can have two following you at once. Well, not any two. Basically you can have one humanoid (read: human, ghoul, super mutunt, whathaveyou) and one non-human (read: cyborg dog, floating robot). Another interesting aspect is that each of the game's companions will give you a passive enhancement whenever they're following you around. Here's a quick rundown of all companions:

Name: Arcade

Description: Doctor

Perk: When using healing objects like stimpacks, they'll be more effective.

Name: Boone

Description: Beret-wearing military man

Perk: When aiming, hostile targets will be highlighted for the player.

Name: Cass

Description: Boozin' female water merchant

Perk: Higher damage threshold after drinking alcohol. No negative effects from alcohol addiction.

Name: Lily

Description: Super Mutant Nightkin

Perk: Stealth Boys last 3 times as long and sneak attacks gain 10% increase in damage.

Name: Raul

Description: Ghoul mechanic

Perk: Weapons and armor decay 50% slower.

Name: Veronica

Description: Brotherhood of Steel procurement specialist

Perk: Veronica can act as a portable workbench so players can create items on the fly.

Name: ED-E (Non-Human)

Description: Floating eyebot, kitted out with weapons and armor

Perk: Player can detect enemies at increased range and cloaked enemies will show up on the compass.

Name: Rex (Non-Human)

Description: Awesome cyborg dog

Perk: Items in the environment are highlighted when the player zooms.

If you're looking for more detailed descriptions of the companions, check out the full post.