'Radiant Silvergun' May Cost Less Than $200 On Xbox Live

Radiant Silvergun

Bidders on eBay have kept the 1998 Sega Saturn game "Radiant Silvergun" prohibitively priced for years. The bullet hell classic never got its day in the sun at North American retailers, but Microsoft pulled a surprised out of their hat during their Tokyo Game Show presentation, revealing that "Silvergun" will be available as a download exclusively on Xbox Live in 2011.

Online co-op play and improved graphics will be onboard, according to a report on Kotaku. It appeared as one of five upcoming titles Microsoft has attracted to XBL from Japanese developers. Others included Spike's "Fire Pro-Wrestling," "Parappa the Rapper" creator Masaya Matsuura's "Haunt," Grounding Inc.'s "Project Draco."

Treasure, who originally developed "Radiant Silvergun" and its descendant "Ikaruga," will handle the dev duties this time around as well. The Joystiq recap of MS's keynote also mentions something about an "'Ikaruga' mode" coming to "Silvergun." The mere thought of such a thing already makes me feel the real world moving a little bit slower around me.

As for the price, I just hope they stick with the baseline XBL Marketplace standards and don't decide to determine its fair market value by what it's currently going for on eBay. Then again, this launch could be a good thing for loyal Saturn owners who've been longing to see "Silvergun" come down in price for the last decade.

Does "Radiant Silvergun" on the Xbox 360 sound like good news to you? What other hard-to-find classics would you like to see on XBL? Share your proposals in the comment section below.

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