'L.A. Noire' Delayed Into First Half Of 2011

LA Noire

Take-Two celebrated $12.4 million in third-quarter profits this week, thanks to titles like "Red Dead Redemption" and "Mafia 2," but the same fiscal report on Take2Games.com that showed off those success stories also confirmed that Team Bondi's "L.A. Noire" has officially had its release date pushed into 2011. Why exactly? Well to make it better of course. Isn't that the reason most titles fall behind schedule and resurface many months after they're initially supposed to come out?

The game will still be "revolutionary" and like something that's "never been seen before," Take-Two CEO Ben Feder said in a call with investors, according to a report on Gamasutra. He went on to express confidence "that the investment of additional time will translate into another critical and commercial hit for our company."

Those words played into Feder's larger pep talk for Take-Two's financial backers, asserting that Rockstar is bucking challenging market trends.

"At a time when consumers have continued to be highly discerning with the way they spend their money, Rockstar has proven that innovative triple-A experiences can still command a blockbuster audience and marketshare," he stated.

Neverthess, "Noire" and "Max Payne 3" now have launches projected to occur at some point in 2011. So scratch them off your holiday gift-buying lists, holiday-related want lists and anywhere else you might happen to keep notes on things you want to own that will be stocked on retail shelves before December 30, 2010.

Do you think "L.A. Noire" will be better because of its delay? What are your expectations like for the game? Share your answers in the comment section below.