'Crackdown 2' Toy Box DLC Pack Broken For Many

Crackdown 2

Woah, look at that awesome tank at the top of this post! Doesn't that look like a ton of fun to drive around? Wooooooo! Oh wait, if you're like me (and many other people on the internet), you can't actually play with it, because the new "Crackdown 2" Toy Box DLC that launched yesterday totally borks the game. The hits just keep on coming with "Crackdown 2."

If you're seeing what I'm seeing, after downloading the Toy Box DLC pack, you'll be able to get as far as selecting a character and your armor color. But the moment you try to load up the game itself, "Crackdown 2" will crash. And crash bad. The game freezes on one of the loading screens and locks the entire Xbox 360 up, requiring a hard restart.

I had initially thought that I was running into problems because I'm running off a special Marketplace version of "Crackdown 2" that was sent to reviewers before the game's release which doesn't require a disc to be in the machine. Turns out it's not just reviewers having this problem. "Crackdown 2" forums like this one are filling up with users complaining of the exact same issues.

I reached out to a Microsoft rep, who seemed surprised to hear about the issue. I was told they'd get back to be shortly with news, so I'll definitely update this post with that info when I hear back. For the time being, though, say away from the "Crackdown 2" Toy Box DLC pack. It's got bad news written all over it.

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