'Dead Space 2' Multiplayer Confirmed

Dead Space 2

One of the most impressive demos I saw during E3 was "Dead Space 2." It's not that it really broke new ground for the franchise, just a few updates here and there, but it just looked so polished, and it was a blast to play. I had no doubts there was fun to be had with this game, but whether it was enough of an improvement to justify an additional $60 was still hovering around in my mind. Turns out EA and Visceral will be padding "Dead Space 2" with adversarial multiplayer.

After leaked info about the multiplayer mode in "Dead Space 2" began to spread from the annual Gamestop managers convention, an EA rep went ahead and stepped in to confirm that "'Dead Space 2' will feature multiplayer where you'll be able to strategically dismember your friends for the first time."

Based on that statement, I'm given to assume that the multiplayer in "Dead Space 2" will be strictly adversarial, rather than co-op. This makes a certain amount of sense, given that the series has always been about heavily scripted scenes and that creepy, all-alone-in-space-with-monsters feel, neither of which would really work in co-op.

I'm still a bit curious how Visceral plans on making deathmatch work in "Dead Space 2." The controls in the single-player don't exactly allow for quick, twitchy movement, and I can't see multiplayer being all that fun if people are just standing toe-to-toe, shooting at one another. Here's hoping Visceral has a trick up their sleeve and that the whole mode isn't just a way to convince folks like me that there's more to this sequel than meets the eye.