PlayStation 3's 3D Blu-Ray Update Stalled Until October

PlayStation 3 3D Blu-ray

June's PlayStation 3 firmware release didn't include 3-D Blu-ray capabilities, but Sony is on the case, and they've announced that the expected update will instead come in October. Some thought the feature might arrive in September, but Sony has cleared the air and committed to next moth.

Sony CEO Howard Stringer didn't set a specific date, but he was comfortable enough to pick a month during a speech at the Internationale Funkaustellung (IFA) show in Berlin, according to Engadget.

Given the low count of 3-D Blu-ray movies that are out on the market, I can't imagine that this development is going to crush too many dreams. "Avatar" is probably the most anticipated title coming to the home 3-D market, and PS3 support for TV's will almost certainly still beat it into stores.

As for 3-D games, "MotorStorm 3D" and a version of "Wipeout" are already on sale, so you can watch a friend play those and pretend like you're watching a movie if you feel so depressed about this news that you need to extract yourself from reality and find a magical imaginary world where 3-D movies on the PS3 are fully accessible.

The trickle of 3-D content in general has been gradual since Sony began shipping its Bravia TV's this summer, but September will still give them plenty of time to reach consumers with an appropriate media player in time for 3-D media holiday shopping.

Is the October shift for 3-D on the PS3 going to ruin September for you? What movies do you want to pick up when it eventually comes out? Share your answers in the comment section below.