'Resident Evil 6' Announcement Coming Soon, It Seems

Resident Evil 6

Capcom said they wanted to heat up the Resident Evil game franchise again in time for "Resident Evil: Afterlife." Announcing "Resident Evil 6" could definitely accomplish that goal, and depending on how you interpret a recent Spanish-language interview, they may be planning to do just that.

"Given the great success which led to us 'Resident Evil 5,' we want 'Resident Evil 6' hits the market as soon as possible," Capcom global head of research and development Keiji Inafune told 3DJuegos (as translated by Google). "In fact, Capcom will have news about this soon."

Right now, Capcom still has a 3DS game to focus on, though, and he emphasized his excitement on that front.

"As for 'Resident Evil: Revelations,' our company is very committed to Nintendo 3DS because we think it is a platform that will offer many opportunities for companies both developers and users," Inafune explained. "For the same reason, we wish to keep intact the core title in the series and at the same time, possesses a high quality and surprise to fans of the series. I myself am really into this project."

So it sounds like we should be hearing about "RE6" fairly soon and ahead of a "Revelations" release that will be followed by the series' return to consoles. As for who will show up and what the premise will be, that's an interview for another day, but keep your eye on your RSS feeds for something soon.

Do you want to see "RE6" come out in 2011? Are you excited about "Revelations" for the 3DS? Share your responses in the comment section below.