'Super Mario All-Stars' Returning For Wii

Super Mario All-Stars Wii

A Nintendo release calendar entry seems to have confirmed a retailer blogger's assertion that "Super Mario All-Stars" (known in Japan as "Super Mario Collection") will be making a comeback on the Wii. The title, which originally sold more units than "Super Mario 64" on the SNES, looks to be getting repackaged with a few extras and shipping out as soon as this October.

An entry labeled "Super Mario Collection Special Pack" appears on Nintendo's official release calendar for October 21, according to some translation work by Andriasang. Its presence coincides with a blog post predicting such a game, based on a retailer briefing from Nintendo.

The blog post indicated that the game would come with a booklet and soundtrack CD, which could be pretty nifty. The original game included "Super Mario Bros.," "Super Mario Bros. 2," "Super Mario Bros. 3" and "Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels" in the U.S.

The Wii edition doesn't have many public details to speak of at the moment, but its appearance does make you wonder if Nintendo would ever consider a sequel anthology with remastered "Super Mario World" and "Super Mario 64" ports for the Wii. Mario has starred in enough games since 1993, so there's no shortage of source material. If they feel extra generous, they could also consider remastering "Mario Tennis" — just so long as they stay clear of "Mario's Time Machine."

Would you pick up a new version of "Super Mario All-Stars" for the Wii? Which games do you think Nintendo should remaster if they decide to do a sequel? Share your responses in the comment section below.

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