Sony's Cloud-Based Qriocity Music Service Coming To PlayStation 3

Sony Qriocity

Apple unveiled a new social application for iTunes called Ping in a press conference today, and Sony decided to do something similar by detailing Music Unlimited, a service they plan on launching for the PlayStation 3 powered by Qriocity.

"It is a cloud-based digital music streaming service that gives music lovers access to millions of tracks stored and synced with your devices," Sony Europe president Fujio Nishida said at a press event in Berlin, according to a CNET report.

The service will allow users to access millions of songs remotely and across various devices, another story at PC Magazine asserts. Music Unlimited will arrive first to Web-enabled Bravia HDTVs, Sony Blu-ray players and home-theater systems, PS3 consoles, and PCs in 2010, with roll-outs for PlayStation Portables and other Sony devices happening later on.

"Services 'powered by Qriocity' will revolutionize the way that users play, listen, watch, share, communicate, learn, discover and create their digital entertainment content," chairman and group chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment Kaz Hirai said in a statement.

Those are bold words from a man with a big title, but Sony has a steep hill to climb if they're going to start seriously competing with iTunes, especially after today. They're going to try, though, and we'll all get to find out if their model has legs, as well as what other types of portable devices they plan on releasing to support it.

Do you think you'll use Music Unlimited? What do you think of Sony's approach to their new music distribution system? Share your responses in the comment section below.