'Plants vs. Zombies' Pottery - Stuff That Came

Plants vs. Zombies

If you don't like "Plants vs. Zombies," I'm afraid we can't be friends. Sorry, that's just the way things are.

With that out of the way, PopCap released the Limited Edition of "Plants vs. Zombies" for PC and Mac earlier this month, which comes packed with a few new features and a 3 inch tall zombie figure which is just gosh dang adorable. Apparently that wasn't enough cute, so the company hired Moose Studios Pottery to create clay versions of some of the more memorable plants in the game, which they then mailed over to MTV Multiplayer HQ. That's them up top, creating a solid defense against the Limited Edition zombie action figure.

As for the Limited Edition itself, if you already own the game on Mac or PC, there's not all that much new content to keep you occupied. For newcomers to the series, though, this is the definitive version, bringing with it all the modes and minigames that have come before, in addition to a zombie creator program.

But it's important to remember that the series is coming to consoles for the first time on September 8th with an XBLA version which promises even more modes and even some multiplayer, which is a first for "Plants vs. Zombies." It's like there's a version for every kind of zombie (but the MJ zombie, who no longer has a home).

How does the pottery rank against other "Plants vs. Zombies" handicrafts you've seen? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.