Apple Press Conference Streaming Now


It's that time again! Apple is kicking off yet another press conference in mere moments. The difference this time is that you'll be able to watch it, live, as it happens, instead of having to read a frantic live blog of all the important events. We'll be recapping the events throughout, but if you're looking for the minute-to-minute details of Apple's press conference, you can check out the live stream at Apple's official site, presuming you have a Mac-based OS (iPhone, iPod Touch, Macbook, etc.). If you don't, we've still got you covered with the highlights:

10:01AM - Jobs takes the stage, starts discussing all the fancy in Apple stores. Talking about one-to-one classes that people can take to introduce them to Macs. Just a brief roundup of the Apple stores.

10:05 - Jobs moving on to iOS (that's the iPhone and iPod Touch operating system). 120 million iOS products have been shipped. Activating 230,000 new iOS devices per day. 6.5 billion apps downloaded from the App Store. 200 apps downloaded every second. 250K apps, 25K are iPad apps.

10:07 - iOS 4.1 being introduced.


Proximity sensor, Bluetooth, iPhone 3G performance


High Dynamic Range Photos

Ability to upload HD video over WiFI

TV show rentals

Game Center launching to the world

10:09 - What are High Dynamic Range Photos?

The system takes three photos at once, one overblown and one underblown, and mixes the two to create a more balanced photo blend. It's optional. Jobs showing off examples of photos taken with HDR. Crisper details.

10:10 - Game Center

"All about multiplayer games." Allows you to challenge friends to games, can automatch with randoms, compare high scores.

Jobs showing off the matching system, invites pop up as a status update.

Epic Games has a new game coming out using Game Center.

Donald Mustard (of Shadow Complex fame) takes the stage

Project Sword, a fantasy action game with remarkable graphics, looks like Fable 2.

Donald accepts friend invite and the game shifts to a multiplayer battle.

Unlocks a Game Center achievement.

Available this holiday season on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

10:15 - Jobs is back. "It's on a phone!"

iOS 4.1 coming next week, free download via iPhone

Sneak peek at 4.2, coming a little later this year. "It's all about iPad." Bringing everything to iPad. All the features on iPhone. Adding wireless printing. Adding AirPlay.

Showing off wireless printing. Print Center organizes the different jobs currently in the works.

What is AirPlay? Stream audio, video and photos over WiFi to other devices.

10:19 - Jobs showing off Folders on iPad. Acts as it does on iPhone and iPod Touch.

iOS 4.2 is coming in November, free update for all models (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad).

10:20 - Moving on to iPods

Apple has sold 275M iPods

All new iPods for every single model coming this year

New iPod Shuffle

Stamp-sized, has buttons and VoiceOver playlists. Comes with the clip. Looks like the bottom of an iPod Nano (without the screen). Can hold 15 hours of music. Jobs on the packaging: "It's really cute." Selling for $49 for 2GB.

New iPod Nano

No more click wheel, the screen is Touch-based with Multi-touch. There's a clip, just like the shuffle. 46% smaller and 42% lighter as the last Nano. Hard volume buttons, FM radio, Nike+, pedometer, 24 hour battery life.

10:27 - Jobs giving a walkthrough of the new iPod Nano.

Scrolls through his list of artists, large letters pop up, plays Ella Fitzgerald "Let's Do It." Album art pops up. Press and hold to get back to the home screen. You can move shortcuts just like you can on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

You can rotate the screen to any orientation you want. Showing off photos.

Seven colors, including a Project (Red) version. $149 for 8GB, 179 for 16GB.

New iPod Touch

Has become the #1 portable game player in the world. "The iPod Touch outsells Nintendo and Sony portable game players, combined."

Thinner design. Retina Display. Apple A4 chip (same as the iPhone 4). 3-axis gyro, iOS 4.1 with Game center. Added FaceTime with a front camera. Rear camera added with HD video recording. 40 hours of music playback battery life. Less doing other stuff, natch.

3 models. 8GB for $229, 32GB for $299, 64GB for $399. All available next week, available for pre-order today.

10:36 - Showing off new Apple ads for the new iPod models.

10:38 - Jobs moving on to iTunes

Launching iTunes 10.

What's new?

New design elements, hybrid view which blends list view with cover art

Discovery: Adding social elements to iTunes called "Ping," a social network for music

"It's sort of like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes." It's built right into iTunes.

Follow friends and discover what people are listening to or downloading. Custom top ten chart, customized based on who you're following

Artist page includes posts from artists, latest songs and concert information

Ping is for social media discovery.

"Get as private or as public as you want."

10:45 - Jobs showing a demo of "Ping" in iTunes 10

Ping will be available on iPhone or iPod Touch as well

iTunes 10 is available today, free download at starting today

10:51 - One more "hobby..."

Apple TV, never been a big hit

Users want Hollywood movies and TV shows, everything in HD, lower prices

Don't want another computer, don't want to manage storage, don't want to sync to a computer

Something that's silent, cool and small

New Apple TV

75% smaller than the old Apple TV, black. You can hold it in the palm of your hand. Looks like a small cable modem. Power supply built in. One HDMI connector and Ethernet or WiFi. Comes with an aluminum remote. All rentals, no purchases. You rent everything. No storage management because it's all streaming.

You can stream content from your computer. No syncing required.

$4.99 for first run HD movies, the same day as DVD. Cheaper prices as time goes on.

99 cents to rent an HD TV show

ABC and FOX shows are signed on.

You can stream Netflix right on Apple TV. Watch anything on YouTube. Photos off of Flickr and MobileMe.

Mac or PC streaming off your computer.

Send iPad content to your TV.

Price: $99. Available in late September.

Show wrapping up with a performance from the lead singer of Coldplay.