‘Batman: Arkham City’ Screenshots, Featuring Catwoman, Harley Quinn And Two-Face

When word drops that 20 screenshots of “Batman: Arkham City” are floating around on the net, I’ll admit that my heart starts to jump a little bit. It seems an anonymous Flickr account was hosting high rez shots of the hugely anticipated sequel and someone at NeoGAF was quick to snap them up. And once it’s on NeoGAF, it’s not going anywhere.

The “Batman: Arkham City” screenshots confirm that Catwoman and Two-Face will be integral to the plot, as suspected, and that Harley Quinn is sporting a brand new black and red leather look which might actually make her look filthier than she looked in the first game.

Some other things to check out in the screenshots: Detective mode is definitely back, complete with X-Ray vision. Batman also appears to have the new ability to set up vertical tight rope wires, giving him more maneuverability in the air. With new abilities come new challenges, though, as it appears baddies can now equip riot shields.

Worth keeping in mind that these screenshots haven’t been officially released by Warner Bros., so they may, theoretically, be a massively well-funded hoax. But they’re not. They’re really not.

Based on these screens, it looks like Rocksteady is staying pretty true to the style of the first game. I’m probably most curious about how much the gameplay will change and what sort of new elements/modes will be introduced. I was a huge fan of the Silent Predator and Arena challenges of “Arkham Asylum,” so to see those come back would be super.

’Batman: Arkham City’ Screenshots – Page 2

’Batman: Arkham City’ Screenshots – Page 2

’Batman: Arkham City’ Screenshots – Page 2

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