Microsoft Launching Fall XBLA Series, Featuring 'Super Meat Boy'

Super Meat Boy

Microsoft's Summer of Arcade 2010 initiative was a huge success, and it seems the publisher will be bringing the same idea to the fall with Game Feast, featuring four high-end XBLA titles. Three of the titles are currently unknown, but I can speak to the fourth title, "Super Meat Boy," a game which I've been anticipating for a long, long while. The insanely hard, insanely inappropriate, insanely awesome 2D platformer is coming to XBLA on October 20 for 1200 MS points (or $15).

One of the members of Team Meat, Edmund McMillen, was kind enough to send over this rad poster, promoting the release as part of Game Feast. It makes you wonder whether Microsoft was just searching for a game that would work well with their food metaphor?

Super Meat Boy

We should be hearing more from Microsoft later today regarding the remaining three games on the Game Feast docket. If I were a betting man, I'd say "Hydrophobia" is one of them, given that it's one of the more high profile downloadable titles in the works right now.

As for "Super Meat Boy," if you're not familiar, you should do yourself a favor and check out the original Flash version. The game is a throwback to the classic Marios, albiet much more difficult and sexually charged. If an animate hunk of meat could be sexually charged, that is. "Super Meat Boy" is the direct follow-up and features HD graphics, throwback levels (with NES-style visuals) and a bunch of unlockable characters, including Tim from "Braid" and the Alien Hominid from "Alien Hominid."