'Tron: Evolution' Joins The Collectors' Edition Club

Tron Evolution collector's edition

Rounding out a Monday that has seen an "Epic Mickey" Collectors' Edition announced and a "Far Cry 3" Collector's Edition either imagined or leaked, "Tron: Evolution" has decided to throw its hat in the ring and reveal its own deluxe set that comes crammed with a light cycle collectible from Sideshow Collectibles and a display case, judging from the images that Disney distributed.

"Tron has proven to be a franchise that inspires loyal fans and collectors and will continue with the holiday's new entries," Disney Interactive Studios senior vice president of global marketing Craig Relyea. "This collector’s edition will give fans of 'Tron: Evolution' and the Tron movies a great opportunity to not only get the game but also a unique Tron collectible."

"Evolution," which is scheduled to ship on December 7, 2010, will come priced at $129.99 and arrive just ahead of "Tron: Legacy," which Disney will be delivering to theaters on December 17.

The game itself takes place "during the era between the two Tron films," and though you'll only be able to get the light cycle with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions, other variations and permutations based on its story and events will be released for the Wii, DS PC and PlayStation Portable. All of them will have huge shoes to fill, however, since the original "Tron" arcade machine was one of the greatest inventions ever to honor arcades and Showbiz Pizza with its presence. I can't vouch personally for the quality of the $70 light cycle.

Are you interested in the "Tron: Evolution" Collector's Edition? What are your impressions of the game at this point? Share your perspectives in the comment section below.

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