'Super Street Fighter 4' Arcade Info On New Fighters Coming Friday

new SSF4 fighters

If you can read the Japanese-language "Super Street Fighter 4" blog that Capcom maintains, you've been privy to some hardcore teasing about the all-but-announced new fighters for the "SSF4" arcade edition. The blog traditionally updates on Fridays, and last Friday's entry anticipated something important seven days down the road.

Hints will arrive in this week's update, the game's assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano wrote, according to a report on Andriasang which hypothesizes that full reveals could come as soon as next week at a Japanese amusement machine show in Chiba.

Of course, the "SSF4" machine hasn't been officially listed for that show yet, and Capcom has been teasing the new competitors for more than a month now. And even if they do show up in Chiba, there's no guarantee that they'll be ported into North American consoles — though I can think of precious few reasons not to toss them into the development meat grinders for some DLC after they're public.

Furthermore, Capcom has said that "SSF4" will be the last full game released in the 4 series for consoles, so it's unlikely that they'll pull an about face and try to shoehorn the new fighters into a "Super Street Fighter 4 Alpha: Tournament Edition" or something along those lines in 2011. Or, maybe we'll just see them show up in "Marvel vs. Capcom 3." That would be the ultimate tease.

Do you want to see new characters on the "SSF4" arcade machine? Are you ready to see them make it onto DLC for the console too? Share your perspectives in the comment section below.

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