'Epic Mickey' Collectors' Edition Includes Epic Little Mickey

Epic Mickey Collector's Edition

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 copies of "Epic Mickey" may not be available to pre-order order at this point, but the as-of-right-now Wii-exclusive game does have a new Collectors' Edition up for grabs. Junction Point's odyssey through Disney history will come with a few extras, including a five-inch Mickey figurine, console skins, a remote faceplate, and a DVD with "behind-the-scenes video" if you're willing to put down $69.99 instead of the standard $49.99 MSRP attached to the basic game-in-a-plastic-case package.

"We're thrilled to roll out this Collectors' Edition featuring so many unique items including the collectible 'Disney Epic Mickey' figurine and content that will surprise and delight gamers and Disney fans alike," Disney Interactive Studios executive vice president and general manager Graham Hopper said in a press release. "The addition of the bonus DVD with behind-the-scenes video and more will enhance and expand the overall 'Disney Epic Mickey' experience."

Toys"R"Us already has this XL box available for pre-orders, and other retailers will be presumably follow suit. The package design is definitely classy and tasteful, but the extra $20 the Collectors' Edition will demand looks like it will chiefly go into the DVD and figurine. This may be a gimme for Mickey hoarders, but I want to know more about the DVD contents before I judge the offering as a whole.

Warren Spector has already shared a lot of insight into this project, and he's a fascinating guy to listen to. If there's a full documentary's worth of content on board, I may be sold, but if it's something that could have been just as easily divvied up among a few YouTube clips the sell will be a little more difficult. I'm keeping my eyes open for a runtime estimate.

Will you pick up the "Epic Mickey" Collectors' Edition? What do you want to see included on the DVD? Share your desires in the comment section below.