'Doctor Who' Games Coming To DS And Wii (Outside The U.S.)

Doctor Who

Not only is the U.K. getting free and advance releases of "Doctor Who: The Adventure Games" for PC and Mac; now, they're also getting titles for Nintendo systems. The announcement didn't list specific launch dates but did indicate that "Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth" for the DS and "Doctor Who: Return to Earth" for the Wii would be out "in the coming months," bound for the U.K., Australia and parts of Europe.

"We are incredibly excited to be collaborating with BBC Worldwide on these two new games," Asylum Entertainment managing director Simon Bailey said in a press release.

There may be hope in Bailey's words, though, depending on how dedicated Asylum and BBC Worldwide are to reaching all of the show's fans.

"It is our firm belief that the franchise has massive potential on the Nintendo DS and Wii formats and it's an honour to be bringing 'Doctor Who' video games to the show's huge fan base," he stated.

The release also mentions a live-action "Doctor Who" stage show that incidentally is also coming to the U.K. in October. Yes, The Doctor is a BBC export, and yes, they have every right to keep him to themselves and decide where they want to make his media spin-offs available, but we could definitely use some more love over here in North America, particularly in gaming sector.

Would you like to see the new DS and Wii "Doctor Who" games come to the U.S.? Which characters and races would you like to see included? Share your responses in the comment section below.