'Plants vs. Zombies' Sprouting Up On DS In January

Plants vs. Zombies

Michael Jackson-esque zombies aren't likely to appear when PopCap Games brings "Plants vs. Zombies" to the Nintendo DS in January 2011, but that won't stop them from bringing it to the handheld system with Adventure, Survival and Puzzle modes, as well as mini-games and some exclusive content that won't be found on the Xbox Live edition or numerous other versions that have been spawning over the last year.

GameStop is already taking "PvZ" DS pre-orders for $19.95, according to PopCap's press release. It's still not the "PvZ" sequel that many players who bought the game for PC or Mac when it first launched have been hoping for, but if you happen to be someone who only plays a Nintendo DS and stays away from other platforms, today has been a fantastic news day for you.

Otherwise, the DS should be a fine place to play "PvZ" in theory. New mini-games are great, but face it, if you've already purchased this game on two or more devices, there's just not a whole lot that's going to suck any more George Washingtons out of your wallet, save perhaps a big fat number two after the title in an official statment from PopCap.

The only other buy-worth incentive I can think of as a Mac and and iPhone owner of "PvZ" would be a third faction. I'd pre-order the DS edition in a hot second if it was called "Plans vs. Zombies: Revenge of the Self-Aware Yard Maintenance Tools."

How many times have you bought "PvZ," and where do you play it the most? Do you think you'll check it out for the DS? Share your reactions in the comment section below.