'Just Dance 2' Breaks Out Full List Of Tracks

Just Dance 2

It's been a big week in music gaming for full track listings. "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" took the plunge first, and "Just Dance 2" has now followed suit with a 44-track set including Ke$ha, The Ting Tings and Vampire Weekend. Check out the whole rundown and see what Ubisoft's contest winners will be grooving to after the jump.

Additional tracks will be downloadable, as you probably know, but these performances will comprise your starter deck:

1. Avril Lavigne - "Girlfriend"

2. Bangles - "Walk Like An Egyptian"

3. Beastie Boys - "Body Movin' (Fatboy Slim Remix)"

4. Benny Benassi presents "The Biz" - "Satisfaction"

5. Blondie - "Call Me"

6. Bollywood - "Katti Kalandal"

7. Boney M. - "Rasputin"

8. Charleston - "Mugsy Baloney"

9. Cher - "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)"

10. Digitalism - "Idealistic"

11. Donna Summer- "Hot Stuff"

12. Elvis Presley - "Viva Las Vegas"

13. Fatboy Slim - "Rockafeller Skank"

14. Franz Ferdinand - "Take Me Out"

15. Harry Belafonte - "Jump In The Line"

16. Ike & Tina Turner - "Proud Mary"

17. James Brown- "I Got You (I Feel Good)"

18. Jamiroquai - "Cosmic Girl"

19. Junior Senior - "Move Your Feet"

20. Justice - "D.A.N.C.E."

21. Ke$ha - "TiKToK"

22. Mardi Gras - "Iko Iko"

23. Marine Band - "Sway (Quien Sera)"

24. MIKA - "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)"

25. Outkast - "Hey Ya!"

26. Quincy Jones & His Orchestra - "Soul Bossa Nova"

27. Reggaeton - "Baby Girl"

28. Rihanna - "S.O.S."

29. Snap! - "The Power"

30. Sorcerer - "Dagomba"

31. Studio Allstars - "Jump"

32. Studio Musicians - "Crazy In Love"

33. Studio Musicians - "Jungle Boogie"

34. Supergrass - "Alright"

35. The Frighteners - "Monster Mash"

36. The Hit Crew - "Holiday"

37. The Hit Crew - "Toxic"

38. The Jackson 5 - "I Want You Back"

39. The Pussycat Dolls - "When I Grow Up"

40. The Rolling Stones - "Sympathy For The Devil (Fatboy Slim


41. The Ting Tings - "That's Not My Name"

42. The Weather Girls - "It's Raining Men"

43. Vampire Weekend - "A-Punk"

44. Wham! - "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go"

If you're afraid of getting served and still need time practice, that's fine. You still have until October 12 when "Just Dance 2" comes out in North America. They definitely put a diverse array of genres into the sequel, ranging from Harry Belafonte and Elvis Presley to Avril Lavigne and Rihanna. Even your parents may find something they like on here.

What do you think of the track list for "Just Dance 2"? Are there any other songs you'd like to see show up after it comes out? Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter! You can also follow me, MTV Multiplayer writer Brian Warmoth, on Twitter!