Amnesty Still Possible Before 'Red Dead Redemption' Bans Next Week

Red Dead Redemption bans

Rockstar Games may be capable of benevolent acts such as offering double XP to "Red Dead Redemption" players, but they also have a frontier to secure in order to keep gamers coming back to the game's online multiplayer mode. Thusly, they're bringing down a ban hammer next week on anyone caught storing hacked save files, but if you ditch your cheat-enabling data right now, they'll pass over your when the bans begin.

"Next week, starting on Tuesday, August 24th – we will be swiftly and indefinitely banishing from the world of 'Red Dead Redemption' multiplayer all Gamertags and PSN IDs we’ve detected with hacked game saves," a company representative wrote on the Rockstar Games blog. "Such cheating is a clear violation of our code of conduct, and punishable at our sole discretion."

Ban recipients will also be removed from leaderboards, though the announcement assures everyone that those erasing their bad save files will still get to keep their Achievements and Trophies, pre-order items and cheats earned through Social Club after creating a new save.

If you happen to be one of the "RDR" players in question, you'll need to connect online after deleting your files so that your clean and legal files can be verified. Access to the safehouse at MacFarlane's ranch may have to be unlocked again, but at least you'll still get to play "RDR" online with your account.

If you've been playing be the rules all along, you should be fine, of course. And if you feel you've been unfairly ranked on the leaderboards due to suspicious users, next week may bring you some vindication.

Have you encountered "RDR" players online with scores that are just a bit too impressive? Do you think Rockstar is handling their upcoming ban in the right way? Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter! You can also follow me, MTV Multiplayer writer Brian Warmoth, on Twitter!