Apple Patent Would Make Comics From Games

Apple patent for comics

Comic book properties like "Spider-Man," "Batman" and "Green Lantern" come to video game consoles all the time, and games like "StarCraft 2" and "Mass Effect" have even spawned comics spinoffs. Apple filed a patent application that shows they've been doing some research, however, and they may possess the technology to turn game experiences into comics on the fly, depending on the choices you make while you play.

"In accordance with one disclosed embodiment, data may be recorded from a videogame executed on an electronic device," the patent application on explains. "The recorded data may include character information, dialogue from the videogame, and results and metrics reflecting the performance of the user in the videogame. The recorded data may be inserted into a narrative data structure having pregenerated text."

That's where the comics come into play, Apple chose "Mass Effect" images to make their point.

"In some embodiments, the recorded data may be used as the basis for selecting among a plurality of pregenerated text," the filing states. "A book, e-book, or comic book may be produced from the narrative data structure. The electronic device may send the e-book to a user of the electronic device, or send the narrative data structure to a server for printing."

As AppleInsider (via Kotaku) points out, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony systems are all mentioned in the plans, along with Apple's own devices, so someone has definitely thought about the big picture.

Personally, I don't usually pick up comic book game adaptations if they only contain a rehashed story from something I've played. The process here sounds impressive, but unless someone's paying an A- or B-list artist behind the scenes to drawn my customized "Saints Row" or "Sims" character, I don't foresee this becoming much more than a novelty or glorified Mad Lib.

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