Naughty Dog Talent Developing An 'ICO-Inspired Project'

Naughty Dog ICO game

While the original "ICO" has been rumored to be coming back in a remastered Team ICO collection for the PlayStation 3, the PS2 classic may also have inspired a side project for the folks behind the Uncharted series at Naught Dog. Concept Artist Eytan Zana showed off some shots from the project recently, and he says that he's collaborating with concept artist Matt Nava of thatgamecompany, whose recently announced PSN title "Journey" happens to look a little like "Shadow of the Colossus."

"Wanted to capture some outskirts, an establishing shot, and some platforming areas," Zana wrote on his Art of Eytan Zana blog (via Game Guru), where he shared his in-progress artwork. "Will be finishing three of these."

The architecture and designs in "ICO" attracted a lot of attention, particularly among other game designers, so it's easy to see why Zana would want to do something similar. Whether this mystery project falls primarily under Naughty Dog's roof or belongs to a few different Sony studios in some sort of collaborative deal is unclear, but it sure does look pretty so far.

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