Double Fine's Next Game Is 'Costume Quest'

Costume Quest

Double Fine is known for quirky, humorous games like "Psychonauts" and "Brutal Legend." Both of those games were in development for years and ended up releasing to mixed sales success. It seems the developer is shifting gears for their next project, "Costume Quest," which was revealed in a UGO/1UP exclusive. The game is a downloadable title and will be coming to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in the fall.

At first blush, "Costume Quest" reminds of the "Paper Mario" series. It's a simple turn-based RPG, starring a band of costumed children trekking around their neighborhood on Halloween. Much of the game involves wandering around the neighborhood, completing quests which follow the same humorous writing style as previous Double Fine titles. Some of these quests involve collecting pieces of a costume, which can later be used in battles.

Battles occur when the kids knock on the door of a neighbor, only to find that there are monsters on the other side. Once a battle is initiated, the children transform into giant, living versions of their given costume. So, for example, the kid in the robot suit made out of cardboard would transform into a 50-foot, Robotron-style mech.

The battles make use of timing-based minigames (again like "Paper Mario") where players can block attacks or do extra damage by hitting a certain button with the correct timing. It's definitely not on the level of "Final Fantasy XIV," but for a downloadable game, "Costume Quest" offers plenty of depth.

Tim Schafer isn't the lead this project, but he will be giving the script his personal touch. Instead, Double Fine's lead animator, Tasha Harris, will be acting as the game's head honcho. It'll be interesting to see where their differences lie.

Our first look at "Costume Quest" left some questions as to the scale of the game. At the very least it seems to capture the same Double Fine charm that makes their games so enjoyable to watch. We'll just have to wait and see if it's just as enjoyable to play. Request: No RTS segments.

You can check out more screens and info over at UGO.