Valve’s Working On Steam-Friendly DoTA

Ah voice actors, where would we be without them? Since they’re actors, they want everyone to know what work they’re doing, even if it means talking about a game that hasn’t been announced yet. I’m sure when John St. John (known as the voice of Duke Nukem) tweeted about the new game that Valve is working on: “DoTA” (also known as “Defense of the Ancients”).

“Had a great time in Seattle last week recording for DotA. The guys at ValveSoftware are awesome!”

A simple tweet, but that’s all the world needed to know that Valve is working on a new “Defense of the Ancients” game. It’s not totally out of left field, as the original developer of “DoTA,” Icefrog, was already tapped to head up a project over at Valve.

In case you’re unfamiliar, “Defense of the Ancients” is a hugely popular mod for “WarCraft 3,” which blends RPG elements with tower defense to make for a unique spin on the strategy genre. The next “DoTA” game will likely be stand-alone, released by Valve through Steam. Beyond that, we can only guess, as Valve’s certainly not talking.

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