'Neverwinter Nights' Domains May Be Signs Of A New MMO

Neverwinter Nights

There appears to have been a run on "Neverwinter Nights"-related domain names recently, and whether or not "Save Neverwinter," "Visit Nevewinter" or "Play Neverwinter" actually relate to a title or game premise, the Atari-owned names definitely come as a coincidence in light of a report that the company has a new Dungeons and Dragons game in the works.

The domain names were registered as of August 4, according to a post on Superannuation, and a report out of Gen Con 2010 on Critical Hits indicated that Atari has "an announcement coming about some kind of D&D video game" that they aren't ready to talk about yet.

Variety predicted a "Neverwinter Nights" MMO for 2011 way back in 2009, so it wouldn't be surprising if all of this news converged in the form of an official press release at some point in the near future. In the meantime, you'll just have to wait in uncertainty about the MMO being a real thing and whether or not your Magic Missile attack with cause automatic damage in it if it is.

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