Apple May Acquire Chinese Game Developer

Apple talks to purchase Handseeing

Google's Slide buy, which has now been confirmed, could be followed by another major gaming purchase as Apple is reportedly in talks to purchase the Chinese company Handseeing. Though the deal likely wouldn't be finalized this week, Handseeing would bolster Apple's game development capabilities, which job listings last year tagged for expansion.

"We should have a decision in about one or two months," Handseeing vice-president for operations Tian Bo told Reuters. "They're still talking about it and it's not quite settled yet right now."

Located in China's China's Sichuan province, Handseeing specializes in online games rooted in Chinese folklore. Whether Apple wants Handseeing for Chinese, American or international game development is a question that may not be answerable until when and if a deal goes through, but Handseeing must have done something right to catch warrant interest from the Mac and iPhone makers.

Depending on their role following the unfinished acquisition, U.S. Apple product users might not notice the results firsthand at all, but if Steve Jobs brings Handseeing into the fold as a major new software development wing, it could mean big things for Apple's gaming ambitions.

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