Activision Upping Investment In Call of Duty Brand

Activision Call of Duty investment

Whether or not "Call of Duty: Black Ops" outsells "Modern Warfare 2," Activision knows that they have one of the strongest brands in gaming, and after a turbulent few months behind the scenes, they reiterated to investors that CoD games will be a priority going forward, as evidenced by their increased spending on the "Black Ops" launch. In fact, they characterized the investment as part of their long-term strategy to redouble attention to their franchise and not just to sell more copies of Treyarch's new release.

"This [is,] across the board, the biggest investment that we've ever made in a launch of a title," Activision CEO Bobby Kotick told his company's investors Thursday, according to an Edge report. "And I think when audiences see the product, they'll see why we're doing it this way."

Kotick cited "market opportunity," a swelled "installed base of hardware" and CoD's "broad appeal" among the conditions justifying Activision's marketing cash injection.

"Looking ahead, the Call Of Duty brand represents one of our largest long-term opportunities as the brand is one of the largest entertainment properties and is well-aligned with the fastest growing entertainment sectors, including online gaming," Activision chief financial officer Thomas Tippl explained. "These factors give us the confidence to redouble our investment in the brand, which should offer more opportunities for organic long-term growth than ever before."

Keeping gamers' attention on the games themselves and away from the office politics and human resource migrations that made headlines after the "MW2" launch has be on their minds as well. A lot of consumers and investors alike are going to be interested to see where the CoD goes post-"Black Ops."

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