'Epic Mickey' 'Could Happen' On The Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3

Epic Mickey

Disney went on the record earlier this year to say that they might have taken "Epic Mickey" multiplatform if they'd known more about Kinect and PlayStation Move during the game's inception. Now that Kinect and Move are out there, though, could Junction Point's project waver on its Wii exclusivity like "NBA Jam"? The studio's founder Warren Spector doesn't see why not.

"Before Move and Kinect I probably would have said no, because the game is built around gesturing," Spector told AtomicGamer. "Now, however, there's no reason technologically why we couldn't."

Someone higher up than Spector would ultimately have to make the call if "Epic Mickey" does expand to other systems. In the meantime, he's content to be sticking with a Nintendo console.

"I've been pretty open about the fact that the Zelda games are some of my favorite of all time," he explained. "So we're a Wii exclusive and I'm happy about that."

The Move ball would make a fine brush, but I'd have to see an "Epic Mickey" Kinect demo to be convinced that a 360 port made sense. Anyway, a year from now it may be worthwhile to chart which third-party "Wii exclusives" from 2010 stayed the course.

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